The All of Us: Collaborative Zine-Making organized by Alicia McCarthy 

April 13, 2021 4:00-4:30 PM (Pacific)

Join Alicia McCarthy as she bikes between studios and galleries asking them to contribute to a new zine. Follow as she meets with Real Time and Space artists Conrad Guevara and Kate Rhoades, then Tosha Stimage’s Saint Flora, with a stop at pt. 2 gallery for a peek into their creative process. Those artists and others made a zine, and you can too! Download their collaborative zine below and learn how to do one with your friends.

Create with Us! 

Meet the Artists 

Alicia McCarthy pointing to art on the wall in her studio.

Alicia McCarthy

makes compositions with an undeniable energy, through a process of mark making, a sensitivity to hue and pigment density, and an openness to the character of each gesture. She embraces drips and splatters and approaches “positive” and “negative” images the same way: beginning in the middle and expanding outward.

A hand holding up a rectangular piece of paper with a graphic design of a printer and a sign that reads "irrelevant press."

Irrelevant Press

is a zine collective and internet shop creating, printing, publishing, and distributing zines and art of all sorts. It was founded in 2015 to create a space for the four queer women co-founders to collaborate and has expanded to be a community-focused press and publisher.

Two people standing in pt. 2 Gallery looking large colorful paintings.

pt.2 Gallery

pt.2 Gallery was established in downtown Oakland in 2018. pt.2 presents some of the most influential artists coming out of the Bay Area and beyond.  In addition to the gallery, pt.2 has nine low-cost studios housing around 20 different creatives working in a variety of media.

Members of Real Time and Space eating around a large table.

Real Time and Space

is an artist-run organization that provides studios for emerging and working Bay Area artists. We prioritize building a community- minded membership of artists and supporting all kinds of diversity, and serve artists beyond the RTS community with regular public programs.

Picture of Ali Dadgar's face that has been cut in half length-wise and placed on a brown background.

Ali Dadgar

Iranian born Ali Dadgar, is a multi-disciplinary experimental artist working across image, text, object based media and performance. His latest solo exhibition “Additions/Redaction“, opened in January 2020 at Desai Matta Gallery in San Francisco.  Dadgar holds an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and a BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts.  For the present time, he is enjoying a fruitful and inspired practice in isolation and poverty.

Bailey Anders standing in front of art.

Bailey Anders

Exploring simplified notions on a daily basis, taking notes from the neglected, good and bad. Fueled by Nostalgia and the never-ending search to be happy and feel something in the one life we have. It can be a show about nothing or something, just living.

Brett Flanigan standing in a room full of colorful art and plants.

Brett Flanigan

works in painting and sculpture and has been exhibited in the Bay Area, New York, Portland, Atlanta, and Chicago, as well as internationally. His public artworks include a mural at the Lilley Museum at the University of Nevada, and a large-scale sculpture in Oakland.

Cate White sitting on a mattress on the floor painting in a sketchbook.

Cate White

Born in 1971 in the back-woods of Northern California, White’s intimacy with cultural margins is reflected in her work—in subject matter and philosophical perspective. Her symbolically charged, narrative paintings illuminate many of our personal and collective shadows in relation to class, race, gender, trauma, morality and power.

Chelsea Ryoko Wong sitting in a chair in front of two colorful paintings depicting people.

Chelsea Ryoko Wong

is a painter and muralist whose vibrant figure compositions reflect the diversity and style of her home in San Francisco. Her work is known for celebrating racial and cultural diversity, promoting working class communities, and evoking curiosity and wonder.

Headshot of Cole Solinger that looks like an worn, discolored photo.

Cole Solinger

is a poet and visual artist living in Berkeley. He received a BFA in Printmaking from SFAI in 2016, and currently is co-director of Delaplane, a gallery in The Mission District of San Francisco, alongside fellow artist and SFAI alum Sophie Appel.

Headshot of Conrad Guevara.

Conrad Guevara

makes abstract paintings, sculptures and assemblage, has been a studio member of Real Time and Space since 2012, and is one-third of Bonanza, a collaborative practice with L. Williams and L. Tully. Guevara has a show at the Right Window Gallery opening June 2021.

Headshot of Erik Bender taken outside in front of a blue concrete wall.

Erik Bender

is an artist based in Oakland, CA. whose work consists of drawings, paintings and plaster carvings. His structural compositions gather forms that wobble between figuration and abstraction. He holds a BA in Art from UC Berkeley and has shown throughout the Bay Area.

Close up headshot of Kate Rhoades only showing her from the top of her eyes to the bottom of her lips.

Kate Rhoades

lives and works in Oakland. Her videos, paintings, and publications employ humor to probe systems of power. Since 2014 she has co-hosted the Bay Area's number one arts and culture podcast, Congratulations Pine Tree.

Headshot of Keith Boadwee standing in front of a painting of red, blue, and black squares.

Keith Boadwee

has a 30-year practice that explores queerness/otherness, sex, humor, and the abject. He has exhibited at Salzburger, Kunstverein, The Flag Art Foundation, New York, Hacienda, Zurich, Deborah Schamoni Gallery, Munich, The Pit, Los Angeles, and The New Museum, New York.

Headshot of Kico Le Strange.

Kico Le Strange

is a dancer, performer, digital art creator, illustrator, crafter, fashion designer, and plant momma. Le strange is based out of Oakland Ca. and was born and raised in South Tejas. Kico is an active member of Real Time and Space as well as a studio manager.

Liz Hernández standing in front of her mural "Conjuro para la sanación de nuestro futuro (A spell for the healing of our future)" at SFMOMA.

Liz Hernández

is a Mexican artist based in Oakland who works with topics related to her upbringing. Inspired by the magical realism movement in Latin America, she uses imagery from memories of living in Mexico City, adopting supernatural elements and symbolism to modern-life subjects.

Maria Guzmán Capron standing in front of a colorful quilted artwork depicting a face.

Maria Guzmán Capron with Petra and Seth Capron

portrays many characters by quilting shapes made from colorful textiles and collaging, sewing small pieces of fabric around armatures made of wire and batting, capturing their, her, emotions, feelings and expressions.

Headshot of Michael Diamond.

Michael Diamond

was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has been living in Oakland for the past seven years. His paintings speak on his experience walking in the city, pulling formal elements of color, textures, and patterns from the nuances of urban landscapes.

Headshot of Muzae Sesay.

Muzae Sesay

Muzae Sesay

B. 1989. Long Beach, California

Currently working out of Oakland, California

Headshot of Ocean Escalanti taken outside in a natural landscape.

Ocean Escalanti

is an indigenous artist, originally from the southwest, now in Oakland. She focuses on nature/human symbiosis, locally foraging plants for natural dyeing along with printmaking as her main practice. You can find her writing poetry in between drawing for future projects.

Paige Valentine sitting on a beach holding up an oyster and an oyster shucking tool.

Paige Valentine

lives and works in Oakland and makes ceramic sculptures. She received her BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2018.

Headshot of Raphael Villet.

Raphael Villet

is an artist, archivist and storyteller raised in San Francisco living in Oakland CA. He thinks a lot about ways of celebrating cultural legacy and mapping personal inheritance.

Ryan Whelan standing sideways in front of various colored graphic representations of palm trees.

Ryan Whelan

is an Oakland-based visual artist whose current practice investigates how developing a sense of place can open the opportunity for connections. In his paintings, the smallest details are mighty and the power of his images often resides in what can only be seen up close.

Headshot of Sahar Khoury in Khoury's studio.

Sahar Khoury

is an artist based in Oakland. Khoury makes sculptures that integrate abstraction, personal and political symbols, and an intuitive sensitivity to site.

Sepia-toned headshot of Sophie Appel.

Sophie Appel

is a poet and visual artist living in Berkeley. They graduated from SFAI in 2019 with a photography BFA, and are co-director at Delaplane, a project space located in San Francisco.

Headshot of Squeak Carnwath.

Squeak Carnwath

is a painter who has a studio in Oakland. She is a retired professor of art from UC Berkeley and one of the founders of the Artists’ Legacy Foundation.

Headshot of David L. Carter taken outside in front of a green concrete wall.

Sweet Dave

is an artist & tattooer living & working in Oakland, CA. SFAI Alumni BFA in Painting (‘16) He primarily uses graphite, ink and acrylic paint in his work approaching themes of American folk art & tattoo iconography in a two dimensional format.

Black and which headshot of SPELLLING with her eyes closed, head tilted up, and fingers of both hands touching her chin.


is a multimedia artist, musician and music producer based in Berkeley, CA. She is currently producing an album titled ‘The Turning Wheel’ which will feature an ensemble of 31 collaborating musicians and explore themes of human unity, the future, and cycles of life.

Headshot of Tosha Stimage.

Tosha Stimage

is a multidisciplinary artist using a variety of mediums to examine and explore potential language relationships. Her work disrupts historical and cultural assumptions of “meaning” by recontextualizing material forms. She works and resides in Berkeley.

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